Five Pillars – Part 4 – Marketing & Sales

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Marketing and sales activities are one of the crucial activities that ensure the revenue of the company.  Sales functions ensure that the mills keep rolling and the business continues to survive. The act of selling the good in return for money is termed as the sales function.  A sales process is completed when the buyer or the point of sales acquires the good or services created and in return pays in monetary terms to the seller or the company.

Marketing activities on the other hand promotes the product of the company.  In today’s world of globalization, companies are able to sell their goods and services beyond the boundaries of the countries.  Marketing and sales are not independent activities.  Marketing aids in growth.  It tends to give more visibility to the goods and services of the companies and in turn helps the sales to happen in a smoother manner.

Sales function more than often forms a separate group in any organized corporate structure and this group is filled up with separate specialist for this functions called the sales professional or sales persons or sales specialist.  Very famous terms are used to describe the sales activity.  Farming – selling to existing clients and hunting – scouting for new buyers.
Marketing on the other hand involves market research and more of advertising.  They increase the visibility of the brand, promote the key features of the product, conduct launches, design promos and attract the attention of the buyer in whichever manner possible.  They have to be very innovative and unique.

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