Swallowed Fishhook Remover®

By Hynes Bay Outdoor

If you spend a lot of time fishing, chances are you have encountered a swallowed fishhook. If you are fishing in catch and release waters, or if you have caught an undersized fish, the goal is to swiftly release the fish ALIVE. In the past, your quickest option was to cut the line. However, since many hooks are made of metals that don’t rust, leaving the hook in the fish can impede the fish’s ability to eat. In addition, the sharp hook is exposed and can puncture other vital organs. Cutting the hook also entails time spent retying a hook, lost equipment and reduced time spent fishing. The other option, removing the hook, takes too long and further injures the fish, often killing it before the hook is removed.


The Hynes Bay Swallowed Fishhook remover safely removes a swallowed hook without further damage to the fish and its simplicity and ease of use significantly reduces the time the fish spends out of the water. That’s good for the fish and good for you!


The hook cylinder rotates the hook 200 degrees, reversing the direction of the hook and barb allowing it to be dislodged from the stomach. It can then be removed from the fish without the barb re-engaging the fish’s tissue.



1. Insert the shank of the fishhook into the slot of the cylinder at the tip of the Hook Remover.
2. Pull the trigger to rotate the hook
3. If the hook does not rotate freely, press the tip of the hook remover gently in towards the fish’s stomach and slightly rotate your hand or the fish.


The Hynes Bay Outdoor Products story began in the small farming village of Austwell, Texas on the shores of Hynes Bay.  There are no stoplights there and no traffic congestion.  The pace of life is slow and with fishing, hunting, bird watching, and boating opportunities all around, you can’t help but get outside.


The idea for our first product came from the marriage of an avid fisherman and game warden to a wildlife biologist.  Much of our enjoyment together on the coast came from fishing for redfish. The fun of catching a fish was tainted, however when an undersized fish swallowed the hook. We tried diligently each time but were unable to remove the hook without killing the fish.   This left us with a quandary. We couldn’t keep the fish without breaking the law, so we were forced to throw back a dead fish.


Carl Wilson spent more than 30 years as a state and federal game warden.  During that time, he frequently encountered fishermen and women who kept undersized fish after being unable to remove a swallowed hook without killing the fish.  They chose to keep the dead fish, risking a ticket, rather than throwing it back.  An avid fisherman himself, who is also married to a biologist, Carl set out to find a solution that would not only save the fish but do it quickly and easily.  Not finding anything on the market, he created Hyne’s Bay’s Swallowed Fishhook Remover.  Now he won’t go fishing without it.




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